Mama Knows Breast About Tongue Ties

Society paints this perfect picture of how breastfeeding looks; moms flooding social media – boobs out, feeding their babies in public, smiling at the controversy they’re serving up to the patrons of restaurants, malls, waiting rooms and the like. Some even strike yoga poses and juggle household tasks. I was lucky to get a latch… Continue reading Mama Knows Breast About Tongue Ties


I’ve always appreciated my mother. There aren’t enough words between all the languages (real and made up) in the entire universe that are great enough to express the gratitude I have for the hard work and sacrifices she bore to ensure my childhood was nothing less than perfect. She was my very first best friend. And… Continue reading Mama

Mr. C

My second born. My son. The treasured gem that shines through the beautiful diamond girls that surround you. Things are so different with you. My love for you is unwavering – as it is for your sister – that part is the same. But what’s different is how easy you are. How incredibly patient and… Continue reading Mr. C